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Meet Tim


Tim O’Brien knows how it feels to want to own a home and invest in your future!  More than 20 years ago, on the advice of a mortgage lender, he learned first hand how to change his own financial picture into one that put him in the driver’s seat to be able to purchase his first home and change his life forever!

“I’ll never forget the feeling of getting those keys at the closing”, Tim remembers.  “And I want to help others feel the same way”.  That's when his career became his passion!!

This entrepreneurial self-made businessman has learned the ropes from the inside out.  With a work ethic most would be envious of, Tim started out as a Property Manager.  After showing signs of higher abilities, he was quickly promoted to Assistant/Agent and then obtained his Real Estate Broker’s license to become a highly successful Broker. Being self-sufficient at an early age taught Tim the importance of being talented, and using that talent to help others. 

He has helped numerous clients sell their current home and move up to their next home. He also works extensively with investors, new home construction, custom built homes, land and commercial real estate.  No matter what your real estate needs and goals are, Tim has the experience to help you from beginning to end.

As the founding Owner of O’Brien & Associates Realty, Inc., Tim’s vision is to continue his unique brand of top-notch client service coupled with sharp business sense.  

Tim’s personal interests further illustrate his love of real estate.  His free time is spent re-modeling investment homes he has purchased, and with some solid knowledge of interior design & home staging, his improvements prove financially advantageous as well.  A fan of all genres of music, Tim wishes he had more time to listen to his favorite music all the time! But for now he is content devoting most all his time to his first passion, real estate… and it is time very well spent!

Tim is ready to lend his experience and knowledge to help you achieve success. Serving the entire Triangle market and surrounding areas!

O'Brien & Associates Realty, Inc. – Talent & Integrity, working for you. At O'Brien & Associates Realty, Inc.; You're a client for life!

Photo of Tim O'Brien

Tim O'Brien Owner/Broker In Charge